Our History

Viking Municipal Library

In the late 1920's Viking decided to form a community lending library. In the fall of 1927, the Young People's Society of Viking appointed five people to direct the work of beginning the library, and on December 15, 1927 the first board meeting was held. It was decided that the library would be known as the Viking Community Library. The board had received $160 in donations to their library fund. After asking for donations, they also received 412 used books, which formed the nucleus of the book stock.

As the years went by, the library gradually collected books by donations and a small bank account enabled the board to add new books. At first the collection was set up in the old Town Hall. Library fees were set at 25 cents for one year. The Village Council provided a contribution of $25 for books. Grants began to be received annually from the Alberta Government - the first was $51.25.

The library eventually moved to the Fire Hall in 1964, and in 1976 it moved to the new Civic Building. In July 2008 the Viking Municipal Library moved once again, this time to the new Viking Carena Complex.